QUOTES/ Stat’s/Factoids…


  • “Action is the only remedy to indifference: the most insidious danger of all.”                     Elie Wiesel (1926-2016), scholar, Nobel laureate, Holocaust survivor
  • “What kind of creature is Yoda? And [looking @ fuzzy Star Wars dolls], why don’t they have a Jabba the Hut??”     – Elizabeth Butz-Hales (b. 2013), Spring 2016
  • Re: ‘the lesson of history’… “[Perhaps] it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty [at home] will be charged to dangers, real or imagined, from abroad.”James Madison, quoted in Bill Moyers’/PBS Constitution in Crisis/The Secret Government 1987: “Everything secret degenerates”. “The whole fight is over means, not ends.”